About Ur Mom

Who Is Ur Mom?

Ur Mom is a four-member band from the Rogue Valley specializing in eclectic acoustic music with rich three- and four-part harmonies. David plays a mean flat-picking lead guitar; Lynn sings and adds a little rhythm with tambourine, shaker, spoons and kazoo;  Heather plays guitar, mandolin/ mandola, and cajon and other hand percussion (not all at the same time!) Jim rounds things out with his mad bass skills.

So why “Ur Mom”?

Why not? But seriously, think about how much fun a venue has when they get a phone call asking who’s playing tonight? 😉

Our music

We call it “eclectic-acoustic” because it is! Ur Mom plays anything we find that allows us to layer the harmonies deep, and back it up with some rippin’ strings. Classic rock? Pop? Oldies? Bring it!